Friday, February 29, 2008


Oh. My. God. How fantastic was Lost last night? The Penny/Desmond time continuum story was in my top three favorite episodes ever.

*So Faraday is a time traveler too? Is it because he was exposed to the radiation in the lab and Des was hit by the blast when the hatch blew? What about the old lady that knew Desmond when he was flash-forwarding? Is she a time traveler also? How?

*The communications guy on the boat (who died). What about that dude? When was he exposed to radiation. According to Faraday, he probably didn't have an anchor in both times, that's why he died. But why did he have to go back to the island?

*Penny's Dad was buying a book about the Black Rock. He also stopped up the sink and left the water running right before Desmond time-shifted. What does he know? (Because, duh, he totally knows about the island. Why else would he get Des the boat??)

*Sayid: "I need a minute." Heh.

*Crazy-looking dude on the boat freaks me out in a bad way. Likewise, I really really like the Faraday character because he actually lets the Losties in on what's happening!

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