Monday, February 18, 2008

And we're back!

We made it back from SD in one piece, albeit with nasty head colds. Go figure - the one time I forget to take my airborne and now I sound like Kiki the sex phone operator.

SD was pretty cool, I have to admit. I am still completely in shock to leave the East Coast but c'est la vie, no? I was also quite disappointed that the Fashion Valley J.Crew was under extensive renovation. J.Crew is like my security blanket, I need to know that there's one within driving distance. My boarding school prophesy even said that I'd died of a premature heart attack due to the discontinutation of J.Crew catalogues.

A few pics from the week:

This is actually a pretty cool little dive bar down near the waterfront. Right when we passed a uniformed navy dude walked out. :)

Pretty pink and green at Seaworld.

Sunset up near Carlsbad.

La Jolla shores. Pretty much what you expect Cali to look like.

Not the most flattering picture of the two of us. We set it up on the roof of the car at sunset. Kinda ghosty, really.

That's all for now. More on apartments to come!

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