Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Raining Dresses... Monsoon!

When I lived in Ireland there was a glorious little (chain) store called Monsoon. Oh how all the pretty party dresses would call my name. However, my student budget just did *not* extend to 150 pound dresses.

Anywho, while the exchange rate makes these still a little out of my price range for date dresses, I think they'd be lovely for special occasions like anniversaries or weddings. Unfortunately they do not ship to the US so I'm thinking about sending an order through and having it delivered to my ILs. Lovely MIL is quite the clothes horse so I'm pretty sure she'd help me out. :)

This has such a fun 50s vibe to it with that sweetheart neckline but the color is quite sophisticated.

My darling husband, please take me to Spain for a holiday so I can wear this out to dinner.

I would like to replicate this entire outfit for a Friday dinner date with DH. Now if only my thighs were as slim as the model's.

Cable knit charcoal shrug? Add a white tank and light gray J.Crew khakis and this has "Elliott" written all over it.

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