Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Touche, Sir. Touche.

I'm an easy going sort of gal. I like everyone. I leave pennies at the counter for other people. I over tip. I'll let you merge even when you're a butthead who speed up the outside lane. However, today I am L.I.V.I.D. I have spent the last six nights (Wifey-on-her-own week) and the majority of the weekend AND my RDO finishing this book.

Now, I was prepared to have to intellectually struggle. Umberto Eco is known for very dense reading. He is rumoured to have written the first 100 pages of "In the Name of the Rose" in order to weed out the people who would read and understand his work. But I figured I'd give it a go in order to expand my horizons, blah blah blah.

Sweet Jesus. I haven't had to pull out a dictionary in order to read a book in a loooong time. What's more, I had to draw upon my *elementary* school Latin, *high school* French, and *college* Italian to make it through!

So there I am, congratulating myself for having made it to the end, 600 mind-numbing pages later. And you know what? THE ENDING SUCKED. So Mr. Eco, I salute you. You drew me in and spat me out. Now where did I put my copy of Bridget Jones?


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