Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello lovelies,

I had a song from about 10,000 years ago pop up on my ipod this morning: Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses. Just give this gorgeous, lovely song a listen and try to be in a bad mood. It's like aural prozac (in a really good way):

In other news, I was talked into signing up for the Race for Literacy 8K in May, the largest race of its length in the US. It is supposed to be a fast, easy course starting in Balboa and winding its way down the 163 into downtown. I've never raced before so I'm half excited, half terrified. I mean, look at these people - they're runners:

Pure terror of looking like an idiot has made me move from running on the treadmill to kickin' it outdoors. Funny thing: I'm not up to running the 5 miles that I do in the gym (I'm keeping it at an easy 3 miles for the next week or so), however, despite all the distractions (wind, waiting for traffic lights or trains, etc...), my pace per mile has dropped?! The big guy upstairs definitely loves me. Thanks, dude! Whoop!

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Bernadette said...

Good for you! I've only just started running (I'll do a mile and then I'll get a twinge in my knee or something), so I'm just soo impressed by anyone who is gonna go run in public! Timed!