Monday, March 30, 2009

Joshua Tree

Sorry for the lack of posting lately - I've been a busy bee. This weekend we went with a bunch of my work friends on a camping trip to Joshua Tree. The camp grounds in the park were full so we ended up "roughing it" in a dry lake bed. It was a great set up until the quads and dirt bikes started up each morning at oh-dark-hundred! :)

Here's the gang, minus E. (The evenings were below freezing and poor E didn't have enough equipment or body fat to keep warm. She ended up snuggling with rocks from the fire and didn't want to do it for another night.)
Tent city. Notice that we didn't have any "facilities." It was definitely pack in, carry out. Ew. Thank goodness for baby wipes and antibacterial gel! Also, please notice the ah-mah-zing fire pit that N put together on Friday night. Sah-weet.
We went to Quail's Nest to climb on Saturday morning. I had never climbed outside so I was totally freaking out. Not only did I have to make sure that I got up, I had to do it in front of everyone! And I was also in charge of tying everyone in at the bottom while DH belayed from the top. No pressure or anything. Just keeping my friends safe, that's all. This is J heading up.
Here are some really unflattering shots of me climbing. Note to self: never climb again in shorts. Capris or pants from here on out. There's a whole lotta white thigh on show. (You know what's even more sad about these photos? I actually have self-tanner on. I'm that white.)
Good form, bad shorts.
And...finally at the top.
Look at DH, he was so proud of me. Hells bells, I was proud of me! Notice my Obama fist bump. Woo!
The ladies, E, me, A and S, at the bottom while the boys played on top.
N, DH and J at the top. My boy is so cute. *gush* There's something about men wearing climbing gear...growl. S on his first climb. The poor guy couldn't get out of the dang crevice!

S, who was a total champ. She's about 5'1 and was doing moves that her 6'3 hubby had trouble reaching. I'm looking very serious. And double-chinny. Why don't I have someone who photoshops me in all of my pictures?
D!!! She's like my work momma - totally wonderful, caring, and supportive no matter what you do. Oh, and she cooks like the Gods. I was totally proud of her for climbing, even though she was totally nervous.
N, A's hubby. We should rename him Billy Goat, he's that good. He's also the reason DH was so rough on Sunday morning - N packed Sailor Jerry and Jamisons and the boys killed both bottles. Ay ya!
And the ladies had fun with light photography while the boys drank.
The whole trip was awesome. Everyone was easy-going, adventerous, and up for anything. I feel bad that so many people sacrificed their bodies while climbing. Let's just say that there were a lot of bleeding knees and cases of rock rash (me included!). It makes me all warm and fuzzy that everyone now wants to come to the climbing gym with me and DH so that they'd improve for our next trip. Yay!

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adozeneggs said...

It looks like so much fun.
I'm just not the campin', rock climbin' type of girl though.
A one or two hour hike in the Green Mountains is quite enough for me!