Monday, March 23, 2009

A good weekend

1. I won Flamingos and Flip Flop's ETP giveaway - Yippee! I love monograms and stationery so this is the perrrfecto thing for me to win. Thanks FaFF!!

2. Cooking Light is my go-to recipe site. Normally it's fantastic. Friday night's recipe, Enchilada Pie, was an epic fail so we ended up at our favorite Thai place. Yummo.

3. Saturday I had a deep-tissue massage. Ow. Ow. OWOWOWOW. (For those who don't know, deep tissue isn't a "relaxing" massage - it's deep, hard, and breaks down scar tissue.) Basically, you get the cr@p beat out of you. But it's very good for you and about three to four days later you feel fantastic. Still, I was an idiot and went climbing for two hours on Sunday with DH. Combine that along with my tender-to-the-touch back and legs, and it was a hard workout. AND because I'm an idiot, I went for a run after going climbing. Every step was painful because my legs were so tender. Oops. Won't be doing that again.

4. DH and I went to our friend K's house on Saturday for an app and wine night. DH and I made two types of pigs in a blanket - British (bacon wrapped) and American (pastry wrapped). The guests votes and I'm sad to say that the British type was more popular. Actually, I have to agree - anything with bacon tastes better. I think what pushed DH's win over the edge was his fabulous spicy tomato dipping sauce. SO good.

5. I've just noticed that I'm over 100 miles on my Nike+ since Christmas! Yay! For a gal who could barely run .5 of a mile in November, I feel pretty good. :)

6. Last night DH and I had a date at Cafe Sevilla in Gaslamp. It's the cutest tapas bar I've ever been in. And the sangria was flooowing. Mmm. They feature a lot of live music and teach salsa a couple nights a week. We'll definitely be back, even if it's just to indulge my craving for their black mussles in red wine.

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