Monday, July 14, 2008

Hoo boy, what a weekend.

DH and I went on a cruise that his company sponsored. Here we are at the beginning of the night. (Notice my *way* shorter hair - I loves it! I'm looking a wee bit windblown because the cabbie on the way over totally didn't put up the windows.)

Let's just say being stuck on a boat with an open bar for many many hours was not good to me. Let's just put it out there; I was *wasted,* college-style. Classy, I was not. I dropped it like it's hot and it wasn't pretty. There was dancing. There was an after party that ended at 3am. I am WAY too old for this.

Most of DH's work folks were very nice. They were as tipsy as I was. I totally got hit on by one guy who didn't speak the good English. I still got it. *snap* Then I got hit on by another dude who TOTALLY gave me the creeps. I mean, ew. There's a point where you can be overly-complimentary and totally icky.

The rest of the weekend I spent painting our place. Here's the MB (it's still drying so please excuse the patchy-ness.)

See how it looks scary avocado-ish? I'm glad it dries down to a wonderful leafy green. I'm still not convinced about Corn Hush, though. It looks pretty minty. Hmm...


Kate said...

I went on a "booze cruise" in Australia and it was not a pretty picture. I don't know who thought open bar + boat would equal fun!

I love your haircut!

Traci Anne said...

Love your hair! Yeah, company parties with alcohol... they never end well.