Friday, July 11, 2008


Hi folks! Sorry I haven't posted in a while - we finally got the keys to our townhouse!

DH and I come home every evening, throw on some old clothes and head on over to paint. (It is rather convenient that we're only moving a block.) Right now we're finishing up the master bedroom. We went with Behr Corn Husk Green (400D-4) for three walls and an accent wall of Grape Leaves (400D-6). Corn Husk is more minty than I thought it would be. And Grape Leaves was *totally* scary looking 70s-ish avocado when it first went on. It has since dried to a lovely leafy green.

I know our colors tend to be a lot bolder than most would choose. However, DH and I have very contemporary design taste and bold colors make the clean lines much more interesting.

And if the worst happens, we paint again. Huzzah!

Next up: Cool Dusk (550F-4) for the guest bedroom. I'm already wondering if it's too gray and not enough blue. Pictures this weekend!

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E said...

your paint color choices sound great- i can't wait to see the pictures!