Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Depot, sweet Depot

I am all about gadgets when it comes to DIY. Since I am HORRIBLE at DIY I depend upon people smarter than me figuring out the best way to do stuff. Things that have made life a heck of a lot easier since we got the condo last week. (Please also note the two-tone pink PLAYTEX gloves. Yes, Playtex. For some reason I couldn't stop giggling when I bought them. Cross my heart.)

Grout sealer roller bottle - used to cover the miles and miles of grout in the bathrooms. Decent but had a tendancy to leak a little. I'd probably do it with a thin paintbrush next time.

Drip and pour guide for paint cans. Again, decent but takes even more clean-up time than wiping down a can side.

Greatest gadget ever. It's $3.50 of heaven; the paint edger. I'm still going to tape everything in the room but this makes a fabulous straight line around baseboards, doors, and the ceiling. I'd buy another in a heartbeat.

This isn't a gadget, I just wanted to share. We finally picked out hardwoods for the first floor - a brilliant exotic doussie wood with a lot of tonal variation. I heart it so. It's very hard and resists termites. Not that I think we'll get termites (knock on wood) but it's a good thing. :)

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