Thursday, July 17, 2008

Come hooooome

DH has been gone this week and is (hopefully) coming home tonight. (He texted that he missed his connection. God knows where he is because he isn't answering. I'm hoping that means he found another flight!) He's here for the weekend and then he's gone for the next week. This makes me sad for many reasons:

1. He's my husband and best friend. It's weird to be without him. While I don't mind leaving, I hate being left. :(

2. I have some OCD issues concerning locks and doors and he's the only one I trust to lock up behind me. It took me 20 minutes and two trips to the parking garage before I was absolutely positively sure I had locked the house door. (Logically, I know I had locked it. But I still have to check. It's OCD, I can't control it.) Try explaining that to the boss when I was late this morning.

3. While it's great to have the bed to myself and set the thermostat above 70, I miss him like mad. I stole one of his tshirts and have been wearing it to bed for the last two nights because it smells like him.

4. I'm incredibly bored without him. I have no one to talk to! This evening I took the night off from painting our new place and did the following in four hours:
  • Vacuumed the apartment
  • Sorted, washed, and folded six loads of laundry (including one just of bathmats. They were totally overdue)
  • Dusted all wooden furniture
  • Conditioned and polished all of the leather furniture
  • Cleaned the oven (by hand)
  • Cleaned the cooktop (That took 15 minutes which is an incredibly long time to clean a stove, methinks.)
  • Cleaned all the bathrooms, floor to ceiling
  • Sorted and recycled all of our cans/magazines/bottles/etc...
  • Hit the dry cleaner
  • Made blueberry strussel muffins for our houseguests
  • Made several floral arrangements
  • Watched two episodes of Mad About You (I am OBSESSED with that show and tivo it every day)
  • Cleaned the kitchen floor
  • Scrubbed all of our stainless steel appliances and sinks
  • Organized my closet
  • Organized my shoes
  • Went a little crazy at the Banana/Gap online sale. Rest assured, I had a couple of gift cards and a 25% off coupon so it wasn't too bad:
I LOVE Gap Body for undies. This is a great great thong (and on super-sale) so I bought a dozen in beige. I have a pet peeve about women who wear white undies or bras when they should be wearing a nude color. Matching isn't always the best course, ladies!

But I also stocked up on some fun prints too.

This is a cotton/cashmere shell. I fell in love with the ribbon detail. I might have to buy a couple other colors if it fits well.

I bought these wedges in kelly green pebbled leather. I love the woven detail on the heel.
I've decided that I need more tops for work that don't require dry cleaning. As much as I love a cool, crisp blouse or button down, the dry cleaners are SUPER expensive in downtown San Diego. I used to get shirts done for $2, it's more than double that at the place down the street!

I've been eyeing this eyelet jacket since it came out. Thanks to Shop It to Me, I didn't buy it last weekend when it was $48 in the store. I got it tonight for $23!

I think this is the cutest top. I also got it in white. Plain but still interesting. Kinda like me, I suppose. :)


lisagh said...

Bright side: at least you're getting a lot of stuff done!

Hope he's home today :)

Lauren said...

You were productive! I wish I could get that much done. I hope your husband is coming home today.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. My guy just left this morning for 2 weeks. As proud as I am about the whole 'serving the country" thing, the selfish part of me wants him here. :-( Hope yours gets home quick!