Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, like the rest of America, I couldn't wait to watch the new season of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

I have to tell you, I really really can't stand Jon and Kate. But they have adorable bebes, so I had to watch the trainwreck that would be their first separate interviews.

They are sooo getting divorced.

Yes, it's sad for the kids. But honestly? The first couple years of the show the parents didn't seem too happy or healthy; maybe they just need to get it over with and d-i-v-o-r-c-e-d.

They bicker constantly, pick on each other in front of the kids, in general, seem put out and put upon in their daily lives. I get it, you have 8 kids. You also have nannies, an army of friends, a personal chef, personal assistants, and a housekeeper. Stop going out on the road, stop partying with 20 year old girls, finish off your TLC contract, and MEND YOUR FAMILY.

There. Phew.

Also, please invest in some melanine dishes. You drive me crazy that you use paper plates for every meal.



Muffy said...

Everything you said is true! HAH!

Dugout Daisy said...

This morning I watched the interview on CBS with Kate's brother and sister-in-law and they were saying that the show should have ended long ago and totally put John and Kate on blast. They care for the kids so much and are devastated that John and Kate would have let it get this far. It was a really good interview.

reality tv and kids... no bueno!