Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rush, rush, rush

Oh dear, what a busy week.

Too much to recap - a lot was about work which I won't bore you w/.

Tomorrow's my 8k run - v. exciting. Bought a cute nike top and running skirt. Will tell you how it goes and bring pictures.

Went climbing this afternoon. DH bet me $10 that I couldn't reach a specific hold on an overhang and keep on it for ten seconds.

Tonight's our HOA spring party. We missed the last one, thinking that it would blow. Turns out it was ah-mah-zing so we're turning up tonight. It has a nautical theme and DH turned down my idea to dress up as the Professor and MaryAnne so I'm wearing my navy and rope-print Paloma dress from the Crew.Later kittens, have a good night!

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Kate said...

LOVE the dress!