Thursday, May 21, 2009

DH's bday and FotC

Happy 33rd Birthday, my darling DH!

Technically DH's birthday was Tuesday. Woo boy, he was a grumpy gus when he got home. I let him stew for a little bit and then forced him (no, really) to open his presents and cards. He was in a better mood after that. :)

I was super excited to give DH my present. I spent moooonths trying to get good tickets to see Flight of the Conchords (more on that later). DH is impossible to shop for and I knew he'd love to see FotC especially since he didn't know that they were coming to town the day after his birthday!!Anywho, I always order a Coldstone cake for DH. Apparently ice cream cake isn't a thing in England so he adores getting it as an adult. I order the same thing: vanilla ice cream with lots of cherries and chocolate chips, devils food cake, and chocolate ganache frosting. It's delicious. :)

Our Coldstone in DC was awesome. I think the Coronado one was a little lame in the decorating department. See:
It's not a cake wreck but it's rather meh. And I'm curious why they used mint green toothpaste-tasting icing on the top? *shrug*

On to the show. We headed to RIMAC at UCSD for the show Wednesday night. Flight of the Conchords is New Zealand's 4th most famous folk comedy duo. That was a joke. Laugh.

FotC is HILARIOUS but if you hadn't seen the show on HBO, I can imagine that the show was, well, rather random. Jermaine and Brett surprised me by being really good guitar players. I mean, I know I should have realized it but I was blown away by their musicianship much less their hilarious lyrics and witty banter. To give you a taste:

On to the pics from the show:
If I started singing "The humans are dead!" you should be laughing. But if you don't know the show, I can imagine it would be a "wuh?" moment.

Jermaine and Brett. Both of them are totally adorable in person. Very dry and slick, but funny.

There were some girls who were VERY into Jermaine. And his sugarlumps.

You know how Tyra always tells the girls on ANTM about knowing their angles? Evidence: here's me, looking normal.
Here I am with my super sneaky angle shot where I my face looks much thinner. Awesome!

Anywho, that's all for now. I'm still running around like a mad woman. My summer is filling up fast!

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Baffled Blogger said...

enjoy your holiday weekend! i'm happy you liked your show!