Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh kittens,

We're in the midst of moving, painting, and installing. It is sucking up my life.

Turns out my weird sickness issues were a virus. How do I know this? Poor DH has it. And we know he's not preggers. :)

Bought a couple pairs of shoes. I've had a bunch of gift cards from Banana and it's triple points time so I got the following: Privos. I've never worn the brand. However, the sole is covered in a bunch of massaging bubbles (it's hard to explain) and they make my feet happy. Ok, I know these look hideous but hear me out. They are the super-thin and perfect to throw in a tote when you want to wear comfy shoes to work but not in the office.
These are my shopping coup of the summer; Lanah's by Cordani. Originally $350 and I got them for $70. (Really, $20 because of my fabu gift card.) I need a new pair of brown low boots and I don't want to jump on the J.Crew bandwagon. See the previous post as to why I am boycotting the Crew. Anywho, the wedge platform heel said "Hello Elliot, please buy me and enjoy pain-free walking while maintaining the length of your amazing new jeans."

DH is kicking me off the computer now, so away I go. Cheers!

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Laura and John said...

I'm kinda diggin the pink and brown, there's just something about that combo. The wedge heel on the boot though is fab! Love those!