Friday, August 15, 2008

Moving, work, wedding

Morning kittens,

So sorry for the prolonged absence. We are officially moved in! Well, by "moved in" I mean all the boxes are gone and there are massive piles of stuff everywhere. On the upside, I took it as an opportunity to clean out my closet. I took three HUGE bags of clothes to Goodwill; mostly stuff that never fit well or was old. Did I really need a LXA Watermelon Bust tshirt from 1998? No, no I did not.

I've got the day off so I've been handling contractors and delivery men while trying to take stuff down to our storage room. Note to future condo owners: a storage room is the most precious gift you will ever buy yourself. Homeowners get garages and attics. Condo owners must make do with their precious closet space or purchase an astronomically expensive (read: more than 1K ppsf) real estate in the parking garage. I am so excited to have a place to store DH's tools, our skis and snowboards, camping equipment, and beach gear. Woo hoo! I freaking puffy heart my storage room!!

We have had a massive re-org at work for the last two weeks. I'm really quite nervous about my new team. (I start on Monday.) My team has been either openly hostile or bewildered as to what I do and how we're going to work together. I guess it's a case of having to prove that I'm worthwhile to the team before they'll accept me. However, I want a promotion in 2010 and they'd better not get in my way. I'd really hate for it to get down to this level:

On the happy side, only three weeks until brother-in-law's wedding! Woo! I'm going to have a sister for the first time! BIL's stag do was in Spain and he came home and the wedding's still on, so I have to assume it went well.

I've had to get serious about what to wear to the wedding. I was very inspired by the following picture from Gossip Girl. (Note, I don't actually watch GG, I just look at the clothes. Oh the clothes. Preppy manna, no?)
Since BIL's wedding is in September in England's Lake District (home of the lovely Europafox!), I have two outfits planned, depending on the weather.
Here's "warm" weather:
Sandhil silk dress from Anthropologie
Here's a close-up of the lovely crane print:

And my fabulous new headband from Nordstrom!
I am about .2 seconds away from ordering my fascinator for my "cold" weather outfit. Stay tuned!

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Lauren said...

I am glad the move went well. Hopefully things will calm down with your new team at work.

Have a nice weekend!