Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thanks for all the nice comments on my hair, y'all! *blush* I'm very happy with it. Let's hope I can straighten it as well as Diana did!

I've had two grrrreat days. Yesterday my pub quiz team came in second after I beat out two other teams in a sudden death match. I didn't want to go up to break the tie (I *hate* being in front of a crowd) but my whole team laughed out loud when they heard the question - "Where is the largest US embassy?" Could a question have been more tailored to me? I think not. ;) (The answer, btw, is Baghdad. It's in a freaking palace!)

Then today I got a really really important report off my desk. It has taken me months so I'm psyched that it's in to edit. Woop!

To finish it off, I've finally hit the point in C25K where nothing hurts and it's easy to run. I even decided to skip the walking sections and just run the entire 30min. Go me. Woo!

Oh, oh, AND we have Little Britain USA on Netflix for tonight. I LOVE Little Britain so I'm hoping they did HBO justice when they created a cast of American characters.

Kisses to all,

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adozeneggs said...

"Little Britain" makes me think of a couple of episodes of Arrested Development, Charlize Theron was a guest star for a bit, it was the funniest.
BTW I don't know what Little Britain your talking about, but you should rent season 1 and 2 of Arrested Development for an entertaining weekend!!