Saturday, January 24, 2009


DH pretty much hates any sort of traditional American furniture. Luckily, I agree with him. I heart Corbusier and Eames and pretty much anything at DWR. So right now Inmod is having a HUGE sale. I am *HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE* oh hell *LUST* with the two following pieces:

Why, why, why, why do we have to save money right now? BAH! We currently do not have a coffee table and it drives me nuts. I want a glass and chrome coffee table so that it looks like it floats above our rug. Seriously - how perfect is that table?? And I LOVE the chandelier for right above our kitchen bar. WHY ARE WE IN A RECESSION - ARGH!

Anywho...we're off to the climbing wall for the first time in San Diego. I totally hate belaying DH because I'm terrified I'm going to freak out and drop him. However he really loves it and I want him to get some exercise so here we go! Get psyched, Elliott!! Woo!!

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