Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolution #1:

Replenish the bank account.

Moving cross country and then buying a place totally decimated the ol' savings. We (meaning: me) decided to save at least 6 months living expenses and then invest the rest. We have saved a TON in the last two months and I'm determined to get to XXXXX by June.

Which is why there are tons and tons of unbelievable sales at the moment.

Witness Kate Spade:
I swoon.
$395 now $198

I pine.
$325 now $163

I burn.
$295 now $224

Le sigh.


Heather said...

Those Kate Spade items are all gorgeous!

Kate said...

I love the dress. Wouldn't be too bad if there is still the 30% off!

Manifestation said...

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adozeneggs said...

Oh I hear you! Our resolution is to pay off our credit cards by June. Hubs is very enthusiastic about this.
And I keep getting emails announcing sales every day. Very frustrating!
Love just about anything Kate Spade!!