Friday, December 19, 2008


Yes! As of 5:30 today, I am on vacation. DH and I have a par-tay to attend this evening for a friend who just finished MBA exams. (Congrats K!) To start the festivities I made Glogg with the super-secret family recipe:
One bottle Glogg + one bottle cheap merlot + (this is the secret family part) a heaping glass of Captain Morgan. Let me tell you, the house smells AH-MAH-ZING and I'm on my way to being quite tipsy. Woo!

Next I'd like to show off my old Christmas tree. Back when I was single, I lived in group houses, a closet in a rented house (yes, seriously, a closet. Like, they couldn't fit a twin bed in it), and a small condo. I therefore never got a big Christmas tree. I lived with my little silver tree that reminded me of A Charlie Brown Christmas, it was so bare and unfortunate looking.

Being a fun girl, I decided that decorations should primarily be pink, with some red and purple thrown in. One year I picked up some red and pink twinkle lights during Valentine's and my little tree has become quite the belle of the condo. :)


No flash!

This is my favorite ornament, EVER. We call him Elton, though I think Liberace would have been better. :)

Piggy! I love the striped hat and scarf. I would totally wear it if it came in people-sizes.

Woo hoo...Christmas is here m'dears! Merry merry, y'all!


lisagh said...

Elton would look awesome on my tree too! Pink and feathery... that's how I likes 'em!

Happy Vacay!

adozeneggs said...

Love the tree, love the bird and piggy. BTW, what's in Glogg, that bottle on the left, is it sweet or what?

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Glogg is a real thing? I had no idea. What is it?? I love the pig in heels!