Thursday, December 18, 2008

So I'm finally done with Christmas shopping. Yippee! DH and I have a $100 limit on spending for each other. Wanna see what I got him?

DH, don't look.

Fo' serious my shizzal. No looky.

I will seriously be disappointed in you if you look, DH.

Ok, here we go. Thanks to the shops practically giving away clothes, I was able to pick up several items for DH's closet and stay in our $100 budget. Christmas being the only time I'm allowed to buy clothes for him. Preppy clothes. Hee.

Eddie Bauer. Hard to tell but but the navy sweater on the left is a zip-neck. DH wears a lot of zip neck sweaters since he uses them instead of a coat. I guess it looks sportier?

J.Crew. DH has very, very particular shirt requirements. They cannot be buttondown. They have to have decent arm length. (DH has really really long arms and a HUGE chest. He's my own little ape-man. Hee!) He also hates colored shirts with white collars. Oh, and he doesn't really do plaid, solid colors (except plain blue), or thick stripes. Anywho...I picked up three shirts (2 work and 1 going out), a deliciously soft green wool zip neck, and a pair of socks.
And the socks had bullies in santa hats. AIYEE!! <-- sound of Elliott's squeal of joy.

For his stocking (which I count outside of our $100) I picked up Trivial Pursuit, a logic game, the newest Radiohead cd, liquor filled chocolates, and a ski weekend at Big Bear.

I'm already fretting. DH is an aaaahmazing gift giver. He said that one of my presents was something I wanted last year but have apparently forgotten about. See how fabulous he is? Hopefully he'll like his pressies. Merry Christmas!

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Kate said...

I love those socks!