Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet dreams are made of these...

Ok, I had a really, really disturbing dream last night and I've been pondering it most of the day. What do y'all think it means?

So in my dream I was sleeping. (This is a common theme. I sleep and dream in my dreams a lot.) I had a dream within my dream that Jesus was walking towards me. The then says something along the lines of "I'm Jesus Christ and you have been chosen to have my son..." and I think in my dream-within-a-dream that this is very much like the Biblical story of Mary. Yes, I know she was approached by an angel but I guess my dream-self is special because I got the big man himself, Jesus.

Anywho, I remember being very, very freaked out by the idea of a holy birth. My dream-within-a-dream-self grabs a phonebook and CLOCKS JESUS IN THE FACE while shouting "No Jesus! No impregnation!"

As my dream-within-a-dream-self then realizes "Holy shit - I just hit Jesus! I'm SO going to Hell for this!"

And then I woke up. For realsies.

Actually, typing this up, it's a pretty funny dream. I guess I'm not as ready for kids as I thought I was.

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