Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Either excellent or foul

I am strangely intrigued by the idea of PB Loco's Peanut Butter with Asian Curry Spice. Apparently they use it in the PB Loco restaurant to make a sandwich with cucumbers and pineapple. I don't know about you, but that sounds dang tasty, especially on some sprouted bread.

And you can bet a jar of their Peanut Butter with Sumatra Cinnamon and Raisins is already in my cart, waiting for check out. When I was little, my favorite breakfast was a slice of raisin bread with melted peanut butter. I'm sure this will be just as good as my Dahdoo's JIF!


suburban prep said...

My husband and I like Peanut Butter. We have tried some of these flavors and they are intriguing.

adozeneggs said...

The sandwich sounds really good, minus the pineapple.
Check out Peanut Butter and Company. They make good PB in fun flavors.