Sunday, November 2, 2008

I have a secret....

I'm a HUGE Twilight fan. Yes, I read trashy teenage vampire love stories. Repeatedly.

I've passed my copies of the books to my girlfriends with the hope that they will finish before the movie comes out at the end of November. I plan on wearing my Team Edward tshirt on the first night it's out. (Yes, I had to go into Hot Topic to get my shirt. *ew* Not preppy.)

Thank goodness I don't have a jealous husband because I'm totally head over heels for a fictional vampire. I mean, I act like a swooning 16 year old girl when I read the books. DH thinks that my crush on Edward is hysterical. Phew.

Anyone else out there a fan of the series?

Stephenie Meyer has posted soundtracks for each of the books. I'm downloading the one for Twilight right now:

1. "Why Does it Always Rain on Me?" — Travis
2. "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" [video edit] — My Chemical Romance
3. "Creep" [radio edit] — Radiohead
4. "In My Place" — Coldplay
5. "By Myself" — Linkin Park
6. "Dreaming" — OMD
7. "Please Forgive Me" — David Gray
8. "Here With Me" — Dido
9. "With You" [reanimation remix] — Linkin Park
10. "Time is Running Out" — Muse
11. "Dreams" — The Cranberries
12. "Tremble for My Beloved" — Collective Soul
13. "Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)" — Billy Joel


adozeneggs said...

I don't know these books but the previews for the movie look really good! I love vampire anything.
And, I love stupid teen dramas, 90210, Dawson's Creek, Gossip Girl, The OC. Sorry to say also I love the Hills.

Kate said...

I just picked up the first book the other day and can't wait to start reading!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I, too, am obsessed. I LOVE the shirt...I need to get one. I have also passed on the books (and slight obsession) to several girlfriends. One gf's husband even read the whole series waiting for her to start them! I don't know that he's going to go see the movie with us. He could be "team Bella". I'm rather ashamed how much of a crush I have on Edward. But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one over 25 like that!! :-)