Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things that I'm digging right now:

Mad About You. Still my favorite sitcom - ever. I have the DVR set to record an episode on any channel, at any time. The Buchmans are a real couple. They bicker, they burn dinner, they have problems getting pregnant, they become redundant. And they deal with each situation with good humor and love.

Luigi's Italian Ice. 70 icy, fat-free calories that quench my ice cream cravings. Cherry's my favorite but lemon's a close second.

Crest Weekly Clean Intensive Cleaning paste. You know that awesome feeling you get after a dentist cleans your teeth? Yeah, this is pretty close. It's like exfoliation for your chompers.

Nicole by OPI nail slick pen. It's nail polish in a pen - awesome for the clumsy like me. I tried the Sally Hansen version of this product and it is clearly inferior to the OPI.

Glogg. Swedish mulled wine served with almonds, raisins, and gingerbread cookies. It goes down dangerously smooth.

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Little Pink Magnolia said...

I love mulled wine.. it goes great with any kind of comforting, winter meal. I had some just last night, actually, but I put it on the stove to warm up, forgot about it (oops...), and came back to a mulled wine reduction. I love your blog - I just started mine, check it out!