Friday, October 3, 2008

The aftermath

After my near death while hiking, I've decided I've really got to get back into running. So I've been dutifully hoping on a treadmill and working on my cardio. Luckily our condo's gym is better equipped than 97% of the professional gyms I've been in. each of the treadmills has its own tv so I decided I could watch the debate while getting in my miles. Not so much.

I sorta, kinda, fell off the treadmill, I was screaming so much at a certain candidate.

So now my ankle's the size of a tomato and black and blue. I'm hoping it's just a sprain. PLEASE let it be a sprain. I've broken this ankle twice and had numerous stress fractures. (Let's just say a combination of being a clumsy kid along with dangerous sports activities necessitated a lot of emergency room trips. *shrug*)

So now I'm heading to work wearing the only shoes that fit on my foot - black chuck taylors from the back of the closet. Awesome.

1 comment:

adozeneggs said...

ouch, sorry about your ankle. I twist mine constantly.
At least you have cool sneaks though!