Monday, October 6, 2008

I don't know what happened today. I went to Target and fell into a shopping fugue.

I picked up this sweatshirt for $20. It's ridiculously soft and a heck of a lot more flattering than in this picture:
It vaguely reminds me of the $60 J.Crew one (that I picked up at the outlet for $20 in red):

Being an insane fan of argyle, I couldn't pass these up. (Again, what is with these photos? Ick!)

This dress from the Go International designer line is thin-wale corduroy. It's such a fun print and I love the slight puff to the sleeve. I think it's perfect for the slightly chilly San Diego evenings.

I love skull & crossbones. I grabbed a ton of these for our parties. Nothing scares me more than people with glass on our balconies. New rule: if you go outside, you have to use plastic.
I picked up a couple cases of tangerine and blackberry Izzes. I just love that the fridge is now black and orange for the Halloween!

I honestly don't know what happened to me. I left with my bulging bags and couldn't remember any of it. At least it was all cute!


Laura said...

that orange argyle is to die for!

adozeneggs said...

There isn't a single Target store in Vermont, so I can only shop online.
I agree the photos are not so great,which is why I hesitate to shop online for clothes. (except at JCrew, Old Navy and Gap)

adozeneggs said...

P.S. Izze is the best!!

Southern Preppy Mommy said...

I love all your Target purchases! They have had the best argyle sweaters lately! I got a bunch of the lightweight 3/4 sleeve ones they had in the spring/summer and I love them. I also really like the skull cups. In fact, I just blogged about them a few days ago :)