Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hello lovelies! I know, I know...bad blogger. I've been really busy, I promise!

I promise more this week but I had to share my new favorite shoes. After all of my foot problems (black toenails, achilles tendonitis, double-jointed toes...) I decided that all shoes purchased in the future *MUST* be comfortable.

So I give you the greatest work shoe - the Cole Haan Calista Air.

The Air line of Cole Haan's feature Nike technology in the soles so that it's actually possible to walk around in ALL DAY. Yippee! I ended up buying a pair in smooth black leather instead of brown suede.

That's another thing - NO MORE SUEDE. I love suede shoes but I ruin them in .2 seconds.

So it pained me but I also got rid of my favorite pair of (suede) pointy-toed, stiletto ankle boots in favor of the Frye Tina boots on the right.

I've wanted a pair of Frye boots for FOREVER. Well, technically ever since I saw Love Story and fell in love with 70s style. Frye are wicked comfortable and can also be worn all day without pain. Woo hoo redux!

Well, that's it for the mo'. More big news (no, I'm not expecting, Muhmoo) to come this week! G'night lovelies!

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