Sunday, June 21, 2009

We had seven friends over on Friday for Rock Band and Wii. SO much fun. We need to have more people over, more often. It's a pain in the butt to get everything ready but then it's really rewarding to see everyone having such a good time. And I like to show off my baking. *grin*

Since it was a Friday, we ordered Basic so that I wouldn't have to rush home from work and try to throw together a dinner party. For dessert I made a Texas sheath cake, my new "go-to" dessert. The cake itself was fab but the icing tasted WAY like powdered sugar. I have no idea why it went so wrong. *shrug*'s our band, Coastal Frijoles. (Don't blame me for the name - the Playstation suggested it.)

A, who turned out to be a drumming prodigy, rocking out to Kansas.

DH and S. S and his wifey (who was in DC this week) want to go to the climbing gym with us. Hee hee. We have them hooked!

D drumming while DH rocks out. D and her hubby J just announced that there's going to be a new addition to the family, their first! They are going to be THE BEST parents and we are tickled pink for them. I can't wait to shower Bebe C with lots and lots of presents. Hee!

Saturday morning we went to see the Coronado dog surging competition. Yes, dogs surfing. It's exactly what it sounds like. Dogs on surfboards. They get judged for form and distance. It was hilarious and so much fun. :) We talked to a pair of bully owners and it sounds like they're a great breed for San Diego.

Saturday afternoon I went for a little 7 mile run. It was a decent run and my legs felt fine. My cardio was a little taxed because I'm working really hard on my speed. Faster=out of breathe.

Today has been really laid-back. DH and I played a bunch of Guitar Hero and then DH started to teach me how to play a real guitar! I've wanted to know how since I was a kid and finally got up the nerve to ask for some lessons. All I can say is that my fingertips are REALLY REALLY sensitive as I type this. I learned three chords and that was definitely enough for the first day. I also had to cut off all of nails which suckity-sucked. Oh well, the price for fame, no? :)

So now I'm watching Father of the Bride before heading to bed. All in all, a great way to finish a fabulous weekend. Night!

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Zen said...

DH is So rock and roll. I never knew he had it in him :-) More the Eagles than Nirvana I think though!!