Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Did I really just eat that?

This weekend was a total blast. Saturday DH and I had a date to see Star Trek. Way more entertaining than I thought it would be!

Sunday we went climbing with a bunch of DH's crew. Afterward we had a spontaneous dinner party. Everyone went home for showers and back to ours for DH's killer lasagna, beetroot salad, lemon green beans, and a Texas sheath cake I whipped up. Everyone ended up staying, playing Rock Band, until 1am! On a Sunday! Scandelous.

Yesterday was my day off so I didn't hear until our Padres preparty that N and J got engaged over the weekend. Woo hoo! I made chocolate cupcakes and bought a bottle of Perrier Jouet (mah fav) for the preparty. The Padres played the Phillies and lost. Boo.

DH is out of town this week. Also a big boo. :(

When DH goes out of town, I get really lazy with my cooking. I honestly cannot believe I just ate what I did: almost an entire 7 layer dip. OMG. What was I thinking??

Here's the delicious (but addictive) recipe:

Heat 1 1/2 c. fat free refried beans with 1 can of green chilis, a liberal amout of hot sauce, and a ton of cumin. Once warm, layer with 1/2 a jar of hot salsa, a pile of cilantro, slices of jalapenos, olives, and chopped red onions.

You can add sour cream but I consider it vile and never do. I'm also allergic to avocados so guac is also out for me. To tell you the truth, I don't really miss it!

Anywho, that was my oh so healthy dinner. I'll do better tomorrow, I promise! ;)

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adozeneggs said...

how sad that you're allergic to avocado!
We eat one just about every other day.
I've never had 7 layer dip without cheese and sour cream, yours sounds much more healthy, I don't think you should feel guilty.
Unless you ate it with chips.