Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vaca 5

Day 15: Warrington/Manchester

So after Barcelona we had one day left in Warrington with DH's family. DH's dad volunteers regularly at the Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Estate in Cheshire.

The Mill is a pretty harsh reminder of the Industrial Revolution but the estate is beautiful and has a Secret Garden-ish, well, garden. DH's dad has worked like crazy and he and the volunteers have cleared acres of overgrown garden. Highlights include a little statue of Pan and a tree with a large growth on it. If you squint your eyes it looks like winnie the pooh!

(Me and DH near the Mill, Pan, DH and his parents on the bridge crossing over the creek, and the winnie-the-pooh tree)
I really can't convey how absolutely beautiful our walk was through the garden. It was a little drizzly and all of the formal flower gardens just screamed "Hello! I'm English!" I kept thinking that it would have been an AMAZING place to run around in when you were a kid.
(hydrangeas, examples of the soil/rock erosion, the estate next to the Mill, me famiglia)
It was a wonderful day out and I'm so glad we got to see what B, DH's dad, loves so much.

Days 16-18: Washington, Stafford, and San Diego
The next day we flew from MAN to FRA to IAD in order to make E&C's rehearsal dinner at Chadwick's in Old Town. Unfortunately, due to four MASSIVE planes landing before us, our trip through baggage/customs/passport control took WAY longer than expected. DH and I had literally 15 minutes to shower/makeup/change and head out the door.

But I still took time for a couple of puppy-cam snaps:
General Westmoreland, my parents Westie, is my favorite ball of fluff. He's a cuddle monster and I call him my Wes-Wes. Since he's about 8000 years old, his eyesight is going rapidly but he still knows my scent.

After tons of yummy food at Chadwick's, DH and I crashed hard at home.

In fairness, we were five hours ahead on time zones.

The next day we headed to the wedding at Rock Hill
Plantation in Stafford, VA.

And yes, that is the exact pose I had with my date in 9th grade when we went to Homecoming. I love pics like that.

Also, my dress is not as flattering in photos as it is on. It is a little too big which I think it a problem.

Good friend L, offered us a ride with K&J. We headed down 95 extra early (to account for traffic) and had enough time to dive into Chili's for margaritas before the ceremony.

Rock Hill is a beautiful house in the middle of the country in Virginia. The owner is a hilarious ex-Irish priest who performed the ceremony.

I met C while we were living in Ireland so the priest's accent brought it all home.

DH, J, K and L in the last row. Last row = 1st people to see the bride and groom down the aisle!

E&C making their way down the aisle. C was so beautiful, I had to ask DH for his secret supply of tissues. The dress was perfect and bustled beautifully!
After the ceremony we had a cocktail hour in the manor house. We had a few drinks and then decided we needed to head down from the house to the goat/miniature horse pen. Best quotation of the wedding goes to K: "This isn't the first wedding I've been to where there were goats."

I have to give E&C big thanks for not having table assignments. We had the best table. Friends from DC, friends from college, friends from med school.

It. Was. Awesome.

Most of us met at the bridal shower in Philadelphia so we were chatting away like old friends.

And I don't mean to brag but we definitely danced the night away.

DH and I after the fantastic buffet.
I could have gone back for seconds.

Oh wait.

I did.

Good thing that dress was a little too big.

The whole wedding was so much fun.

I believe this was during "Single Ladies" by Beyonce

(The bride and I were cuttin' a rug when we joined by some of the little guests.)

DC ladiesSo, I met the bride while she was on her Junior year abroad and I was in grad school in Ireland. I returned to DC and she headed back to San Diego where she was good friends with J. C moved to DC (yay!) to work at NIH and J followed soon thereafter to go to grad school. I introduced them to L, who I sort of knew in college but really got to know when she moved to DC after graduation.


To finish up, this is my favorite photo of the bride EVER.

That is one happy lady with her marriage certificate.

Congratulations E and C. We wish you a long and happy marriage. Come visit!

The next day we hopped a flight home to San Diego and that was our crazy vacation!

Tomorrow I'll post about my English goodies I brought back for my first giveaway!!

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