Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My evening...

Will be lots of this:

+ 30Rock on DVD and surrounded by all my new friends:

(Don't worry, I'm not mixing meds. I'm treating myself with different formulations at the appropriate intervals)

Who knew San Diego allergies were this bad? Ugh, I feel like my face is being stomped on by a pack of elephants with PMS. (Can elephants get PMS? I feel that my face elephants are very angry, in any case.) On the advice of Nic, I'm actually tempted to buy a neti pot. Has anyone used one?


Wila (aka Ali) said...

As grossed out as I was at the thought of one, I would die without my (2) neti pots. (Just in case I can't find one.) They're the only thing that relieves the horrible sinus pressure. Icky, but I promise: get one.

Muffy said...

I ALSO developed allergies when I moved to San Diego!!! I think (hope?) they are gone, but they were MISERABLE! I developed a SINUS infection too last year (my first). Hopefully we can both get a little more acclimated.